About Us

Who We Are

Giving abandoned and neglected catsĀ a second chance at life, love, health and hope.

Helping Persian Cats rescues Persians, Himalayans, Exotic Shorthairs and other cats throughout Southern California. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, 100% led and staffed by volunteers. We rescue needy cats from animal shelters and private owners in special circumstances, and provide our rescues with comprehensive medical treatment and comfortable, caring foster homes. Our rescued cats are ultimately adopted into loving, lifelong homes.

What We Do

Adoption to a loving responsible home is our highest priority! Many people are shocked to learn that purebred cats like Persians, Himalayans and Exotic Shorthairs end up in animal control shelters. Often, people think that breed cats in “the pound” are not at risk – that someone will surely want to adopt them. Not true! We are often called by animal shelter employees who request that we take in a purebred cat who is at risk of euthanasia. The euthanasia rate for cats is 60-70% at many animal control shelters in Southern California and across the state.

We are a small group of volunteers who believe in providing high quality care to our rescued cats. Every cat that we rescue has been examined by a private vet, has been tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS, is up to date on the core FVRCP vaccination, is de-wormed and free of fleas, has been spayed/neutered, and has received medical treatment and diagnostics as needed. Our rescues live in cage-free loving foster homes until they are adopted. Often, our rescues require a lengthy recuperation in their foster home to recover from illness, regain strength and put on weight before they can be adopted.